Accouma is an Account Manager tool mend as a work around for the problems that occur if someone plays an online game or uses any Account based Program and shares his Account with someone else.
Usually it will not be possible to use this Account twice at the same time and if someone else logs in with the same account, you get kicked out of the program/game.
To avoid this Accouma stores Information on who is actually using which Account via php on an web-server. (Atm in a small text file, planing to use mySQL).

The Code is written in C++ and currently uses "winsock.h" to contact the php scripts on the server, which means there is currently only a Windows-Version available. I am planing to implement a Linux compatible as soon as possible.

Accouma is Command Line driven via a simple text-menu (planing to write GUI). The User enters a Nickname and the Names of the Accounts he wants to be informed about.
Note: he will not see all Accounts currently in use, he has to know what he is looking for. Currently this filtering is done on client side, but I am planing to move it to server side for more security.
Additional the Path of the Program/Game's executable is entered and all this informations are stored locally in a simple text file, so after setting up this basic informations, Accouma may be stared via parameter, skipping the menu and immediately showing you which of Your Accounts are currently free / in use by whom. (Gets information via php from server.)
From this List you just select a free Account and the Information, that (Nickname) is using this Account will be stored (php) and additionally the game/program will be launched (*.exe).
When u close the game/programm your Account will be reseted to be free automatically.
There is a timeout to ensure Data on Server to be up to date.

All information is send to server, stored and received encrypted to ensure no one can sniff Account names.
Currently I am using a very simple encryption which will not be suitable any longer, now the code is open source. This is another issue I am planing to develop further.

(Of course Accouma is not to be used with games that prohibit Account sharing.)