07.09.2006 Clientside RSA De-/Encryption is working fine so I decided to upload the current version. Unfortunately PHP seems unable to deal with big integers so I have the same problems here that caused me to write the BigInt data type in C++. Since this was really a lot of work I am not looking forward to do it again in PHP.
So if You like to see some RSA stuff download the new Version A0.59
Especially the Source will be intresting. But RSA Encryption is still NOT used to communicate with the server :(
I will start to work on the PHP issues next week.
04.09.2006 Serverside Timeout has been increased to 5 Minutes. As the Timeout is stored for each Account individually since Accouma uses MySQL the 60 Seconds Timeout is no longer needed and it caused some trouble when timout refresh calls are temporary unavaiable to reach the server.
I am still working on RSA encryption. I had to rewrite evrything and create my own data type in order to use large keys (>64 bit). But I hope to release the first RSA-Version of Accouma this Week.
12.08.2006 Minor Bugfix, in previous Version you had to type the name of the languagefile you wanted to use twice. perhaps I choos a bad formulation in the programm, of course You do not have to type the absolut Path of your language file, relativ path (usually just the file name if the files are in the same directory as the programm) will do.
Version A0.51
I am currently working on RSA encryption and due to some wery useful exampels I found on Planet Sourcecode Clientside of Encryption is almost finished. Next Step will be to port the methods to PHP and to build them in to the server scripts.
10.08.2006 Changes Menu structure (be sure to use new language files!) and added the possibility to change your language file. (language file name has no longer to be 'lang.txt') Current Language file is of course stored in conf
Version A0.5
09.08.2006 Changed .conf format. The new format looks like the one used in lang.txt and is much more flexible. Sry, you will have to re enter Your data. (this will be simpler than changing the format by hand I guess ;) )
Version A0.4
08.08.2006 Changed Serverscripts. MySQL Pasword is no longer hard coded within the php files, instead the pasword has been stored in a .htaccess protected file.
Working on RSA encoding for Encription of Accountname/user Nick...
07.08.2006 Back from vacation I restarted working on the encrytion and security mesures which are currently very poor, I know ;)
New Version hides length of Your Accountname & Nickname.
Please Update to new Version A0.31
(fixed minor serverscript bug)
17.07.2006 Fixed Server side timeout bug. (Better to say implemented timeout refresh ;) )
The current Version A0.3 supports translation via replacing the "lang.txt" file by files with the correct structure. "//[Heading]" are Headings of blocks and must not be translated, the rest of the file contains of the strings used in Accouma divided by "/\n". "//" means end of block.
16.07.2006 After finishing the MySQL interface the same communication problems between Accouma (c++) and the Server (php via HTTP) occured as on the free-webspace-server I tried before. But this time I did not surrender but found the problem.
Accouma now uses proper HTML/1.1 requests instead of HTML/1.0 which seems not to work.
The first Version of Accouma using the SourceForge webspace and MySQL has been released!
Version A0.2
Next the Timeout will be implemented into the MySQL Server skripts and multi language support will be Added (version still uses a german menu).
15.07.2006 It took me about one day to get acces to the SourceForge webspace but finally I managed to connect through all this SSH stuff and uploaded the page. ;)
Well, the problem is this webspace is read-only so the php-scripts are unable to save who is online in the textfile...
Grml... seems like i have to write the MySQL stuff first...
I'm very sorry, until I get this fixed Accouma will be only temporary avaiable using my local server as before....
14.07.2006 Yeeha, Accouma got his new name (does not differ much from working titel "Account Manager" I know ;) ) and, much more important, Accouma goes Open Source!
Big THXS @ SourceForge for hosting this project!
According to the new Server a knew Verion was released (old release numbers have been resetted we start at SourceForge with Version A0.1).
An accouma.config file has been added to store configs (especially path to the php files).

Pre SourceForge news:
15.07.2006Tried to get some webspace on one of the "free" webspace servers but php pages were unreachable during Account Manager.
Trying to get the project hosted by SourceForge...
07.06.2006The project is not dead. Now we are heading for some free time from university I come back to the Accountmanager project and face much has to be done.
First of all I'm gonna try to find some 24/7 online-webspace.
05.04.2006Worked on encryption.
Please download new version emediately!
04.04.2006Fixed bug in php Skripts that caused timeouts of ure Accountusage bevor u actually finished.
31.03.2006Worked on Details. If Server is NA no Account has to ba choosen and you should no longer get Your Accounts reported to be FREE
Partet Core from "GUI".
25.03.2006Fixed Router problem. Server reachable again.
20.03.2006Added encrypted Message delivery and storage, so trafic can not ba sniffed to easy.
20.03.2006Back from Vacation I noticed the smaller "Release Version" which was about 1/3 of the usual debug Version doesnt process parameters correctly. Replaced with Debug Version (ca. 600 mb).
Dont know why the samller Version doesnt work. Seem to be problems with the visaul C++ Compiler.
14.03.2006Rewrote PHP Skripts and fixed known bugs.
14.03.2006Started reconstruction
Thxs to Anton who had an older copy of the Source downloaded I did not hve to rewrite everything after my HDD crashed.